One day I met a businesswoman who divided her time between Paris and Shanghai. She always carried her own pillow on the plane — a detail that made all the difference. This gave me the idea to write a few words about my humble traveling experience and my little personal tricks to reduce both fatigue and stress.

1 - Make yourself at home, travel with your slippers!

Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous. Bring your personal stuff: a pillow, a fleece (for the freezing cold), a good book, a good DVD, a comforter, slippers, teddy bear .... Obviously, if you never put on slippers, forget that piece of advice. The idea is to travel comfortably. More than the physical effect is the psychological one! Don’t forget the blindfold and high quality headphones (personally I've always hated earplugs.) You look like E.T., especially when waking up, but it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to feel "at home" and relax.

2 – Vital: reserve the right seat in advance.

If you are in "crisis" class like me, book an aisle seat to be able to stretch out your legs. But if you don’t want to be disturbed by your neighbor on an overnight trip, you can stick with the window seat. If you're superstitious on the plane, avoid booking Seat 44 (it is unlucky in China — the number 4 is pronounced like the word "death"), as well as Seat 13, but that’s unlikely to happen since the seat 13 has been removed by some companies such as Air France and KLM.

3 - Talk to your neighbor.

Your neighbor may prove to be a passionate person or a future working partner. Don’t hesitate to engage in conversation. For my part, I was able to organize conferences at the last minute, develop professional contacts and make the time pass faster, by striking up a conversation. But not everyone has the chance to have an interesting neighbor. By the way, in some companies, you can choose your neighbor on the plane through Facebook, based on common interests or business relationships. True! I don’t know about you, but I still prefer to leave my seat mate to chance.

4 – At customs control, cut in line!

Act like an important person. Explain how crucial it is for you to get off the plane quickly. If you are lucky, the flight attendant will let you leave first, but you can be sure that she will ask you to complete the customer satisfaction survey. Be nice. Life’s give and take. You scratch my back…
Note that at the Paris airports, you can use the "Parafe" device which will allow you to go through Automated Fast Track Crossing without even having to line up. Keep this to yourself!

5 - For jet lag, sleep whenever you feel like it.

For jet lag, I tried nearly everything: going to bed earlier or later a few days before depending on the direction of the flight, setting my watch to the new time as soon as I board the plane, taking a short nap after arrival, staying up as long as possible in the evening ... My conclusion: I sleep whenever I want. Period.

6 - Take your best friend with you — your good mood!

To prepare for takeoff, please fasten your seatbelts and lock your table trays. Thank you for your attention. Bon voyage!