Traveling, writing and encountering different cultures and ideas is what keeps me moving forward.

photo Anne-Laure MonfretTrained as a management consultant, I lived in Shanghai for eight years, enough time to develop meaningful relationships and become attached to that place. Caught up in the vitality and the consuming energy of Shanghai, I threw myself into writing my first book "Saving face in China." As Theodore Roosevelt once said: « Do what you can, with what you have, where you are». And that is what I did.

After leaving Shanghai with a stop in Barcelona, I arrived in New York, where I found the same Shanghai energy that pushes you to challenge yourself: the idea that anything is possible — with a little of patience and a lot of hard work. An amateur pianist and music lover, I took up a new instrument, a two-stringed Chinese violin known as the "erhu". For me music is undoubtedly the most beautiful means of bridging cultural differences. No explanation needed, you simply need to play and listen.

Now, I am in Lyon, France. Here, I find a common joy with China: spending time getting to know each other around a table and a glass of wine.

« To love a country, one must eat it, drink it, and hear it sing. » (Michel Déon) That says it all.

With new resolve and impetus, I started writing a novel.

I regularly return to China to give lectures to international schools and chambers of commerce (French, European, American, Canadian, Spanish). I make the most of these visits to gather more research for my new book.

These travels and encounters have encouraged me to think "outside the box" and go beyond preconceptions and clichés. And I invite you to follow the same path.

As the Chinese proverb says « Your feet will drive you where your heart is »